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First, sales assistant

main duty:

1. Responsible for receiving customer orders, release sales orders, follow-up orders, shipments and arrival tracking;

2. Responsible for the reconciliation of orders receivables and the recovery of funds;

3. Responsible for statistics and analysis of regional sales data;

4. Responsible for handling customer complaints and after-sales issues;

5. Regular maintenance of customer conditions;

6. Sales assistants or customer service experience is preferred;

Job Requirements:

1. Proficient in operating office software Word, Excel, familiar with Kingdee Invoicing software (priority);

2. Have good communication, coordination and execution capabilities;

3. Can independently complete the order processing and after-sales service work;

4. Has sales, financial statistics and analysis capabilities;

Work benefits:

1. Basic salary + team sales commission;

2. Perfect promotion channel;

3. 7 hours a day, a Friday workday;

4.5 days of vacation + 2 days paid sick leave;

4. Purchase five insurances;

5 group tours once a year;

Address for work: 3-23D C1-03, Yangcheng Creative Park, No. 309, Huangpu Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

company information

Life is short, be with interesting people, do something interesting!

So, don't hesitate to come and do things with Luba!

Luba is a young, full of passionate, high-growth team. We are in the process of development and growth. Our team hopes that there will be more enthusiastic and creative talents who are eager to succeed and create a bright future for the company together with us!

Then briefly introduce our land tyrants:

Guangzhou Luba Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

In fact, we are an animation company. We have our own comic "Fire Statue" series and there will be cartoons.

We are also a cultural enterprise. We export IP and output our values.

Our partner, Weiqiang, has tens of thousands of deformed toy fans.

Luba - in the "good service, do a good job," the corporate philosophy, service priority, all to the customer's experience-oriented, seeking not only a breakthrough in the product itself, but also hope to give product soul, so that it has meaning There is a story.

Our dream - to be the leader in alloy transformation.

Looking forward to the future, "Luba Animation" is using a unique and innovative service concept with full enthusiasm and high-spirited attitude, stepping forward one step at a time in the market, and using strength to let feelings fall.

Company features:

1. Office environment

The company is located in Guangzhou's Yangcheng Creative Industry Park, working in a place where the creative art atmosphere is full of perfection, is it not an enjoyment?

2. Play together

Sing together and play together, most of them are elites after 90 years, easy to get along with, full of youthful vitality

3. Learn together

The company regularly organizes professional training to enrich your expertise

4. Holiday care

Irregular holiday benefits and holiday gifts make you pleasantly surprised

5. respect each other

There are no complicated and thorny relationships, only close links, equal pursuits

6. Self-realization

The company provides a development platform to achieve its own goals as long as you have the ability to let you have money, rights, experience, skills