Fire Exalted ComicsFiery serial

Mech, blood, science fiction

Super strong IP comic design, covering all major animation network platform

Focus on the development of creative animation toys, investment, production and toy sales for nearly ten years, independent IP comic development and brand animation authorization, is committed to become a leader in the domestic distortion model play.

Senior Designer TeamDozens of senior animation and toy designer teams, in conjunction with market demand, have launched original animation and animation-derived toy product lines in a timely manner, which has been highly favored by consumers and distributors.

48Toy Designers 12Senior Animation Teams 10yearsAverage Industry Experience

Accurate market positioningIn the early stages of research and development, the company conducts research and positioning, and sets product features, quality, price, etc. In combination with the hitherto popular movie and television animation of the same name in the previous period, the product launch will become an explosion.

Market research Accurate products Network Serial

Professional toy production3000 square meters professional toy production base, 10 toy production lines, the industry took the lead through the ISO9001 quality management system, factory products have undergone rigorous testing.

3000Production base 10Toy Production Lines ISO9001Film and television hits